Lilac Wonder Tulip

The Lilac Wonder tulips were in bloom for about two weeks in our garden plot.  They lasted long enough for a Mother’s Day appearance. These tulips remind me of a mom’s power. There is a bright ruffled circle formed from all the random yellow splotches on each pink petal. Order created from chaos.  God’s design. … More Lilac Wonder Tulip

Arbor Day 2015 – Celebrate and Plant a Tree

Last year, my husband planted this Eastern Redbud tree in our backyard to celebrate my birthday.  This is our first Spring to watch it bloom.  Redbud trees have small rosy-pink flowers that outline its bare branches like strings of lights. The flowers follow the curve of the tree limbs giving these trees a light and … More Arbor Day 2015 – Celebrate and Plant a Tree

Hidden Spring Beauty

Bright sun, vibrant color and sweet scents surround me. I walk in Spring beginnings. The white and pink flowering trees are splendid. I stop and gaze below me. There is another beauty here with a dance that reveals the secret rhythms of light and wind. It softens the sun’s sharp edges. It shelters.  It is … More Hidden Spring Beauty

A New Garden Plot

This fall we transformed a 12 foot by 20 foot soil patch in the backyard of our townhouse into a new garden plot.  Most of the day, one side of the plot is in shade and the other is in sunlight. We wanted a natural and clean looking flower and kitchen garden, but did not … More A New Garden Plot


It is August and I am nostalgic for Giant sunflowers.  I miss growing them.  They are too big for our townhouse garden.    I remember when my 5 year old son planted sunflower seeds in our community garden.  In wonder he watched them grow fast  into hard thick stalks towering over him.   Bright and cheerful … More Sunflowers