Welcome Spring

Today thin green spinach seedlings popped out of the seed starter soil, a perfect start to Spring. During our late winter snowfall last week,  I planted seeds for our summer kitchen garden.  I found this wire rack at the Goodwill and thought it perfect to hold our seedlings.  This year I plan to make our … More Welcome Spring

Roasted Peppers

What do you do with 15 pounds of assorted peppers? Roast them! My Italian in-laws wasted no time when we arrived home from picking peppers at our garden plot last week. They quickly cleaned and cut up three bags of peppers, piled them onto cookie sheets, drizzled them with canola oil and Italian spices, then … More Roasted Peppers

Garden Gifts

We are overflowing with peppers (bells and cubanelles), eggplants (neon, Italian, Chinese and globe varieties) and another 40 pounds of tomatoes.  We can not keep up with the processing of all these veggies.   We  shared with friends, family and the food bank.   I spend my free time searching for recipes, chopping, freezing or canning.    We … More Garden Gifts

Plenty of Peppers

“May I have a pepper?” I slice the top off one of our homegrown cubanelle peppers, take out the seeds and give it to my son for a snack. I hear him crunch and mumble, “mmmmmm, this is good!” My gardening heart fills with joy. All his complaints about the plot – “I do not … More Plenty of Peppers

New Crop of Peppers

Pepper plants thrive in the cool moist fall weather.  Our potted Jalapeno and Cherry Bomb pepper plants on our deck are loaded with new peppers.  A few Bell and Habanero pepper plants at our community garden plot are still producing fruit, too. The Jalapeno and Cherry Bomb peppers are perfect for spicy mouth popping appetizers. … More New Crop of Peppers