Lots of Lettuce

We harvested almost 6 pounds of lettuce over the past 3 weeks.     The wet and cool spring keep the greens growing.  We have a gourmet blend of  salad greens, kale and butter crunch lettuce.   We planted kale and butter crunch lettuce seedlings and sprinkled gourmet salad blend seeds.  My son and I … More Lots of Lettuce

Turnips and Spinach

We visited our community garden plot at Howard County Conservancy yesterday. We found some treasures in the soft thawed soil. Turnips and spinach are growing under our row covers. Our first experiment of over-wintering our late fall crops worked!  Last fall, I planted lettuce, turnips and spinach seeds a bit late.  We did not have … More Turnips and Spinach

The Rain

It started raining early this morning.  We felt the thick air move through our open windows.  We heard our dog whine as he sensed the coming storm.  Then the rain fell.  It felt like water from hundreds of  hoses with nozzles set on “soak” blasting our townhouse.   All day the rain came in mists, … More The Rain