Tomatoes gone wild

Plants with branches slumped and sticky hold plump cherry and grape tomatoes in our kitchen garden.  The full sunny days and shower refreshed evenings kept all growing. Over four feet in two months!  Our tomato plants grew beyond their cages and almost touched the deck before they toppled on themselves as vines will do.  We gave … More Tomatoes gone wild


A photo of our front yard at start of growing season.  My goal is no weed or grass spots and no brown mulch, only green steppable plants. There are five different ground covers growing – Stonecrop at front right, Alban Reptans, blue flowers at back right, Vinca around the tree, Wooly Thyme behind the tree … More Steppables

A New Garden Plot

This fall we transformed a 12 foot by 20 foot soil patch in the backyard of our townhouse into a new garden plot.  Most of the day, one side of the plot is in shade and the other is in sunlight. We wanted a natural and clean looking flower and kitchen garden, but did not … More A New Garden Plot

Garden Info Center Helps My Semi-Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

Thanks to the Garden Information Center at the University of Maryland! I emailed them my questions and in less than a week they replied with some solutions for my winter weary lemon tree. My question: I have a dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree. It produced over 15 lemons this fall. We brought the plant indoors and … More Garden Info Center Helps My Semi-Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree