Seed Catalogs and Snow

Some seed catalogs have already started to come in the mail…… Johnny’s Seed Company and Territorila Seed Company. January is the time to start planning for the spring garden, but I have only glanced through the catalogs because something is missing…snow in our garden plot! This week there was a light snow fall as I … More Seed Catalogs and Snow

Squash Vine Borer

All curcurbits: gourds, pumpkins, summer squash, winter squash and occasionally cucumbers and melons are hosts to the squash vine borer. I used row covers before the squash plants flowered to prevent pests, but the following actions described in the book, Good Bug, Bad Bug by Jessica Walliser may have prevented  my recent vine borer attack: … More Squash Vine Borer

Toad in Our Tomato Bed

Saturday, while we worked in the garden fertilizing, weeding and securing our unruly tomato plants, we met a new garden friend.  My husband met him first when he crawled underneath the tomato plants to clip off the discolored tomato sucker branches.    He rested his hand on the black plastic below one tomato plant and felt … More Toad in Our Tomato Bed

Sweet Potato Planting

Last week I planted 12 sweet potato slips.  They look straggly now, but just wait, they will produce a hearty vine and a hidden treasure of potatoes.  Last year we planted 2 slips and dug up about 50 pounds of rugged sweet potatoes (bright orange and creamy when cooked) at harvest time.   Once the vines … More Sweet Potato Planting

Our First Snow Peas

We finally have sturdy snow pea seedlings growing under row covers! Only a few seedlings emerged from the first snow pea seeds we planted in early April. Unfortunately, those fragile plants were nibbled down to the dirt by some critters. To improve seedling growth we treated the next batch of snow pea seeds with inoculant … More Our First Snow Peas