Garden Gifts

We are overflowing with peppers (bells and cubanelles), eggplants (neon, Italian, Chinese and globe varieties) and another 40 pounds of tomatoes.  We can not keep up with the processing of all these veggies.   We  shared with friends, family and the food bank.   I spend my free time searching for recipes, chopping, freezing or canning.    We … More Garden Gifts

Visitors in Our Plot

The garden grew dramatically while we were on vacation.  In less than two weeks we found new veggies and critters in our garden.  There were many overgrown zucchini logs waiting to be picked; about a dozen small butternut squashes growing on traveling vines; thick tomato vines dangling with yellow flowers and green tomatoes; yellow and … More Visitors in Our Plot

Saturday Garden Work

We worked hard in our garden plot today, installing drip system, fertilizing plants, saving the eggplants, laying down microperforated mulch (looks like black plastic), planting cucumber seeds and picking sugar snap peas. My husband installed the drip system.  He only had to purchase new drip tape and caps. All the other parts we reused from … More Saturday Garden Work

Plot Planting Done

We used an organic method to plan our garden plot this year. No sketches or diagrams, just pick and plant. The plot is finally taking shape. It is planted, supported and protected. We worked in 90 degree weather today to plant eggplants and zucchini, stake the tomatoes and peppers and cover the eggplant, zucchini and … More Plot Planting Done

Holding On

It has been difficult to get to our community garden plot this spring.  More responsibilities at work, school, and home pull us away.  But we are determined to hold on to our garden plot and our family gardening hobby. Yesterday, we arrived at our community garden plot in the late afternoon, just before the heavy … More Holding On

Seed Catalogs and Snow

Some seed catalogs have already started to come in the mail…… Johnny’s Seed Company and Territorila Seed Company. January is the time to start planning for the spring garden, but I have only glanced through the catalogs because something is missing…snow in our garden plot! This week there was a light snow fall as I … More Seed Catalogs and Snow