Plot Planting Done

We used an organic method to plan our garden plot this year. No sketches or diagrams, just pick and plant. The plot is finally taking shape. It is planted, supported and protected. We worked in 90 degree weather today to plant eggplants and zucchini, stake the tomatoes and peppers and cover the eggplant, zucchini and … More Plot Planting Done

Holding On

It has been difficult to get to our community garden plot this spring.  More responsibilities at work, school, and home pull us away.  But we are determined to hold on to our garden plot and our family gardening hobby. Yesterday, we arrived at our community garden plot in the late afternoon, just before the heavy … More Holding On

Our First Snow Peas

We finally have sturdy snow pea seedlings growing under row covers! Only a few seedlings emerged from the first snow pea seeds we planted in early April. Unfortunately, those fragile plants were nibbled down to the dirt by some critters. To improve seedling growth we treated the next batch of snow pea seeds with inoculant … More Our First Snow Peas

Turnips and Spinach

We visited our community garden plot at Howard County Conservancy yesterday. We found some treasures in the soft thawed soil. Turnips and spinach are growing under our row covers. Our first experiment of over-wintering our late fall crops worked!  Last fall, I planted lettuce, turnips and spinach seeds a bit late.  We did not have … More Turnips and Spinach