Our garden plot had a peach explosion in June.  Early June, small peaches lined our peach tree’s thin branches like strings of beads. It was bittersweet to pick the immature fruit, but necessary to allow growing space and branch support for some peaches to reach full size. By mid June many small peaches dropped on … More Peaches

First Peach 2016

Our two year old peach tree produced fruit for the first time.  The two peaches we picked tasted amazing!  Juicy and sweet.  When I cut through the soft skin fuzz, the peaches nearly fell apart.  Juice squirted.  The peach flesh slipped through my fingers.  I gathered it up with a spoon and offered some to … More First Peach 2016

Garden Info Center Helps My Semi-Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

Thanks to the Garden Information Center at the University of Maryland! I emailed them my questions and in less than a week they replied with some solutions for my winter weary lemon tree. My question: I have a dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree. It produced over 15 lemons this fall. We brought the plant indoors and … More Garden Info Center Helps My Semi-Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

Candied Lemon Peel

Don’t throw away your lemon, orange or grapefruit peels! They are packed with intense citrus flavor perfect for a homemade sweet, crisp and chewy fruit candy. I followed an easy recipe for candied lemon peels on the LunaCafe blog. Her stunning bright yellow lemon photos inspired me to try her recipe.  I made a half … More Candied Lemon Peel

My Lemon Tree

The weather is getting cooler so I will need to bring my Semi-Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree into the house soon.  Its lemons have finally turned completely yellow after being green and the same size for over 3 months.  Sometimes I wondered if the tree was actually a lime tree.  But my husband knew it was … More My Lemon Tree

Making Apple Sauce

Last weekend we went to an apple farm in Biglersville, PA. It was apple heaven.   There were over 20 large bins at least 3 feet tall on pallets filled with many varieties of apples.  We only paid $10 for 2 overstuffed plastic grocery bags of apples (about  50 pounds of apples).   The Courtland and Golden … More Making Apple Sauce

The Flooding Rain

In the last 48 hours we had over 8 inches of rain fall in our area! There are major roads flooded, old stone walls in historical areas toppled by rushing water, trees uprooted and rivers rising over bridges. Our hearts go out those who suffered loss from the flooding rain. The rain impacted our garden … More The Flooding Rain