Discovery on AT Hike

Despite temperatures greater than 90 degrees and heat advisory warnings, my mom, aunt and I hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania several weeks ago. The shade from the trees and shrubs on the woodland trail gave us some relief from the heat. When we felt tired, we sat on a log, drank … More Discovery on AT Hike

Welcome Spring

Today thin green spinach seedlings popped out of the seed starter soil, a perfect start to Spring. During our late winter snowfall last week,  I planted seeds for our summer kitchen garden.  I found this wire rack at the Goodwill and thought it perfect to hold our seedlings.  This year I plan to make our … More Welcome Spring

Lilac Wonder Tulip

The Lilac Wonder tulips were in bloom for about two weeks in our garden plot.  They lasted long enough for a Mother’s Day appearance. These tulips remind me of a mom’s power. There is a bright ruffled circle formed from all the random yellow splotches on each pink petal. Order created from chaos.  God’s design. … More Lilac Wonder Tulip


It is August and I am nostalgic for Giant sunflowers.  I miss growing them.  They are too big for our townhouse garden.    I remember when my 5 year old son planted sunflower seeds in our community garden.  In wonder he watched them grow fast  into hard thick stalks towering over him.   Bright and cheerful … More Sunflowers

Christmas Blooms

Our Amaryllis was in bloom all through December. One bulb purchased for 5 dollars at Walmart, produced six large red flowers that looked like trumpets announcing the good news of Christmas, “God is with us.” The Amaryllis is an excellent Christmas flower because it is glorious and does not have a strong odor like the … More Christmas Blooms


The Poppies are blooming  in our garden plot.  They seem to laugh and embrace the sun.  My son said, “they look like they are talking to the sun.” They are hospitable to the bees, too. We are glad they are attracting pollinators to our garden plot! Do you see the moving bee above the Poppy … More Poppies

Our Front Yard

The Spring blossoms are early this year.  Petals are sent into a flurry from a March breeze or a whack of my son’s walking stick.  Our front yard is already sprinkled with white petals from the  Bradford Pear tree blossoms. The new bulbs we planted last fall are full bright flowers –  Iris Bucharia – … More Our Front Yard


After Thanksgiving, I filled a ceramic bowl with rocks and three paperwhite flower bulbs.  Since rocks do not retain water like soil, the bulbs needed to be watered often. In about a week, green shoots pierced through the brown bulbs and grew straight up.  A week before Christmas, there were green buds atop tall green stalks.  … More Paperwhites

Unexpected Sunflowers

Our compost bin sprouted a short and compact sunflower plant with small (for a sunflower) bright blooms. Those blooms attract a diverse group of bugs to our garden. Unlike the tall sunflowers we usually grow, these sunflowers are at eye level.   We can see the bees, ants, beetles, stink bugs and assassin bugs inside each … More Unexpected Sunflowers