Walking sticks

We found a lovely canopy of Japanese Maple trees on a late November walk in North Carolina. I found a little refuge, a reminder that God is our refuge and shelter. My son found walking sticks.  He brought them home, removed the  bark with a pocket knife and rubbed the bare wood smooth with fine … More Walking sticks

First Peach 2016

Our two year old peach tree produced fruit for the first time.  The two peaches we picked tasted amazing!  Juicy and sweet.  When I cut through the soft skin fuzz, the peaches nearly fell apart.  Juice squirted.  The peach flesh slipped through my fingers.  I gathered it up with a spoon and offered some to … More First Peach 2016

Time Flies

Not a lot growing in our garden plot right now, except our eight year old son. He speeds by on the new bike he recently received for his eighth birthday. Can’t believe he is now riding a bike with 24 inch tires and 7 gears! Today, our family biked eleven miles on a trail around … More Time Flies

Garden Gifts

We are overflowing with peppers (bells and cubanelles), eggplants (neon, Italian, Chinese and globe varieties) and another 40 pounds of tomatoes.  We can not keep up with the processing of all these veggies.   We  shared with friends, family and the food bank.   I spend my free time searching for recipes, chopping, freezing or canning.    We … More Garden Gifts


My son worked to mend a friendship today.  I am so proud of him.  I hope you don’t mind that I squeeze his story into my garden-themed blog.  There is a bit of a connection….friendships and gardens both need tending in order to flourish, right? Restoring a Friendship Spring break gives my son extra time … More Friendship

Our Growing Boy

The most prolific and dazzling grower in our garden plot is not a vegetable, fruit or flower, but our son. I see all kinds of fruit growing from him. Recently, he dropped a melon of peace while he set the table for dinner.  On one napkin he wrote a note to daddy.  Earlier that morning … More Our Growing Boy