Busy Bird

First day of Summer and our backyard garden is lush green from all the rainy days in Spring. The ground cover, Mazus Reptans feels like a cool moist sponge under my bare feet. My toes sink into the natural plush carpet until I hear vibrating gurgles and clicks inside and around our hanging bird house. … More Busy Bird

The Nest

In mid April we found a new nest on the rafters under our deck. We felt like expectant parents the day our son announced he saw a Robin sitting in the nest.  We tried to limit our activity around the nest.    But one evening my husband and I assembled a shed on our patio … More The Nest


Strawberries are abundant and ripe now!  We have two supply sources for fresh picked strawberries..our backyard and at our community garden plot. The strawberries in our backyard have less damage this year because we covered them with netting.  Only the bugs have access to the fruit, not the birds so our yields are greater.  We … More Strawberries

Spinach Pesto

The spinach in our garden plot is starting to flower so I picked a grocery bag full of spinach this week.  Slugs like green leafy vegetables so I always clean greens by putting them into our kitchen sink filled with water.   If there are slugs hidden in the greens they will float to the … More Spinach Pesto

Bradford Pear Tree

There is fruit growing in our garden despite the cold temperatures and one inch snowfall yesterday.  The Bradford Pear tree in our front yard finally dropped all its leaves and is now adorned with its own little ball ornaments.   The tiny pears are inedible to humans, but tasty to birds.  Last year,  huge flocks of … More Bradford Pear Tree