A New Garden Plot

This fall we transformed a 12 foot by 20 foot soil patch in the backyard of our townhouse into a new garden plot.  Most of the day, one side of the plot is in shade and the other is in sunlight. We wanted a natural and clean looking flower and kitchen garden, but did not know where to begin so we consulted a landscape designer from Sun Nurseries. She inspired us to make these changes…stone path, drainage system, new plants and two raised beds.   My husband built two beautiful cedar structures to contain our kitchen garden. What a great milestone birthday present!

new plot

My husband is putting a wire mesh on bottom of one raised bed. This will prevent moles and other ground digging critters from tunneling through our kitchen gardens. There is a lot of work to do, but we persevere with thoughts of watching our new garden come to life in Spring.

Garden Additions
Schip Cherry Laurel
Autumn Fern
Japanese Painted Fern
Astilbe Sprite (Pink)
Bleeding Heart
Brass Buttons (ground cover)

Chionodoxa Blue Giant (Glory of the Snow)
Tulips (Lilac Wonder)

In another spot about 15 feet away from the flower and kitchen garden we planted two new trees:
Eastern Redbud
Semi-Dwarf Peach

One thought on “A New Garden Plot

  1. I can’ believe all the work you have done in the last two weeks.that raised bed looks wonderful.
    How is your Lemmon tree doing?

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