It is August and I am nostalgic for Giant sunflowers.  I miss growing them.  They are too big for our townhouse garden.    I remember when my 5 year old son planted sunflower seeds in our community garden.  In wonder he watched them grow fast  into hard thick stalks towering over him.   Bright and cheerful garden flags waving  and smiling over our garden.  How could a  simple seed grow so tall and produce hundreds more seeds inside the flower’s center?

My son inspired me to write this simple poem over 4 years ago when we played in our sunflower garden.

A Community Garden

A neighborhood of dirt plots,

Garden F-1 is our spot.

Open the gate, down first row,

Here’s the garden we did grow.

See my sunflowers standing tall,

an umbrella, a green wall.

Under giants I will run,

play hide and seek

with the sun.

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