Billy Goat Trail in Great Falls, Maryland


The bumpy walk over rocks turned into a strenuous scramble up a rock wall.  My 9 year old son did not hesitate.  He plowed up first and my husband followed.   Both stopped half way up and stepped out from the line of climbers.  They sat down and waved at me.   I stalled and took more perspective photos.   They called to me.   Embarrassed,  I slipped behind the last climber.  I hoped my weak and tired legs could make it up.   My feet and hands shifted and settled into the deep crevices in the rock wall.   Even though I crawled up, I thought it was easier than expected.  I did it!

The unexpected will always find you. Your path may change.  Your circumstances may seem more than you can handle.  Look for the solid and secure footholds around you.  Climb up.  You will reach your goal.


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