A New Gi and Thoughts on Gardening

My son’s new Seido Karate Gi

On the way to Saturday afternoon karate class with Dad.  Karate – one activity that pulls us away from our garden plot.  School projects, house projects, jobs, swim team and more, also compete for our time.   Limited time and energy is why it has been over 3 months since my last post here.    It may be a bit odd to start writing again on the garden blog at the end of the growing season.  But, I just had to write about our garden again because it is grew despite all our distractions.  That inspired me to get a little philosophical.  Living is like gardening.   The rhythm of preparing, planning, nurturing and harvesting is the created pattern of growth.  Life abundant.  We had less time at our garden plot  this year, but we were still “gardening.”  I saw it as my husband helped my son put on his new Gi for karate class.   I looked for a moment in amazement at what grew amid all the daily chores and activities – a big boy ready to follow the rules in karate class and a father and son relationship.  We have several garden plots.   A metaphorical one is right inside our home.

Our community garden plot produced lots of veggies this year, but not as much variety as years past.  Recently we picked over 10 pounds of cherry tomatoes, 10 pounds of assorted peppers, three sugar baby watermelons, and several bags of kale.  We dug up over 3 pounds of sweet potatoes.  Kale is still growing in our garden despite an early frost last night.  I will post more about our recent harvests.   I may even add some philosophical posts about our metaphoric garden plot -home.  Glad to be back, gazing at what is growing in all our garden plots.

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