White Fuzzy Caterpiller

white fuzzy caterpillar
White fuzzy caterpillar on lettuce leaf

The lettuce in our garden had a long growing season due to the cool and wet weather in the early part of summer.  We had more lettuce than we could consume.  Unfortunately, lettuce can not be frozen like Kale or other thick greens.  Our lettuce plants finally started to go to seed and were very bitter, so I pulled them out a week ago.  While removing the plants, I found this white fuzzy caterpillar tunneling at the center of one green leaf lettuce plant.  I hated to disturb its home so I pulled out the whole plant and placed it in our compost bin with fuzzy still tucked inside the leafy goodness.

I did not mind a caterpillar munching on a plant that had become too bitter for us to consume, but I wonder if it will harm other crops in our garden plot.  My guess is that the caterpillar will turn into a Tiger moth, but I am not sure.  For any bug identification or garden questions, I contact The University of Maryland Extension Service, Ask a Garden Expert .   They reply with an answer to my gardening questions within a couple of days.  They are a wonderful service to the garden community.

I am waiting to see what the garden experts have to say about “snowy bear” as my son named it.   I will let you know what I find out.

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