Lots of Lettuce


We harvested almost 6 pounds of lettuce over the past 3 weeks.     The wet and cool spring keep the greens growing.  We have a gourmet blend of  salad greens, kale and butter crunch lettuce.   We planted kale and butter crunch lettuce seedlings and sprinkled gourmet salad blend seeds.  My son and I could not see the tiny seeds on the ground after we shook them out of the seed packet.  I hoped for the best as we lightly tossed dirt over the invisible seeds.  The next few days it rained.  I did not expect the gourmet mix to produce.   But it sprouted a lovely variety of mixed greens similar to the type I buy at the grocery.   The butter crunch lettuce grew into heads of  tender light green outer leaves and crispy pale yellow inner leaves.   More light green leaves grew even after the head was picked.

We eat lots of lettuce in our home.  Typically, my son will eat all the salad before eating the meat or other food on his plate.   Recently, my son announced, “I am a vegetarian, you know.”   Salad has to be one of my son’s favorite vegetable to grow in the garden since planting it is so quick..shake out the seed packet and toss down some dirt.

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