Christmas Blooms

Our Amaryllis
Our Amaryllis

Our Amaryllis was in bloom all through December. One bulb purchased for 5 dollars at Walmart, produced six large red flowers that looked like trumpets announcing the good news of Christmas, “God is with us.” The Amaryllis is an excellent Christmas flower because it is glorious and does not have a strong odor like the Paperwhites. The Christmas cactus also produces beautiful odorless flowers during the holidays. Our Christmas cactus has faithfully produced delicate slender red flowers every year for almost 10 years!

We did not have a Poinsetta plant in our home this year, but I learned more about the history of this Christmas time flower from my son’s library book, Legend of the Poinsetta. It is a delightful Mexican legend of a little girl who offers weeds to the Christ Child as her gift for Christmas.  She presents her humble gift with a sincere heart and the weeds turn into hundreds of Poinsetta flowers all around the figure of baby Jesus in the Christmas procession.  My son’s brief review of the book, “You should read it if you like flowers.  My favorite part is when Lucida put down the weeds and flowers started appearing.”

What is your favorite Holiday flower?

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