My Lemon Tree has Flowers

Lemon Flower Cluster

Our kitchen smells like a fragrant garden from my blooming lemon tree. It has at least 35 flower clusters. Last winter, I brought the tree indoors, but it dropped all of its leaves. Through Spring and Summer, it stayed on our deck and grew healthy green foliage but no fruit. Before Storm Sandy hit our region, my husband brought the tree indoors. He set it in a sunny spot next to a warm air vent. There was one small lemon already growing on it, but within a few weeks, it was covered with many white buds.  Since there are no pollinators or windy conditions in our kitchen, I must be the pollinator.  This is how to pollinate….

1. Brush anthers (yellow finger-like part) with brush or Q-tip to collect the pollen.
2. Rub pollen on stigma (tall center part) to cover it with pollen.
3. Repeat often.

I am hoping for many Meyer lemons from my indoor tree.

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