Tomato Harvest

“Want a date night canning tomatoes, honey?!”
50 pounds of tomatoes first

then another 50 pounds!

We harvested 100 pounds of tomatoes in one week! Our 15 Olivade tomato plants look quite weary now. We did not expect such a big harvest this year. So far, my husband and I canned 13.5 quarts of tomatoes from a little less than half of the tomatoes.

Check out Daphne’s Dandelions to see harvests from other gardens around the world!

4 thoughts on “Tomato Harvest

  1. We remove the tomato skins by putting a whole tomato in hot water for about 1 minute, then into ice water. The skin will peel off easily. We remove core of tomato, chop and heat in sauce pan. We put the chopped tomatoes in quart size glass jars and add 2 tablespoon of lemon. We use a water bath canning method. Check out this link for more information about canning tomatoes:

    We use our canned tomatoes mainly to make pasta sauce, salsa, and soup.

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