Good Bug – The Assassin Bug

Assassin Bug Nymph
Mature Assassin Bug

The pest bugs in our garden – squash bugs, flea beetles, Colorado potato beetles and others kept this Assassin Nymph well fed! I found the nymph about 4 weeks ago on an eggplant leaf. Yesterday, I found two mature Assassin bugs. I recognized them by their long hooked beaks and agile legs.  Last year, my son found an Assassin bug nymph. I wrote a post describing how we identified it. This year is the first time we found a mature Assassin bug. It is hard to miss these fierce bugs. They resemble a prehistoric animal with its spiky hump and bronze oval mark on its back.  The Assassin bug waits for insects then stabs them with its proboscis (the beak) and injects them with a toxin.  Its bite is very painful to humans. I am glad for organic help to remove the bad bugs from our garden plot, but I will keep my distance!

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