Harvest Monday – July 9th

I found a way to get my son more interested in our garden plot – have him help me cook up the veggies we harvest.  He is thrilled to shred cabbage and zucchini in my food processor.  He likes operating a machine that is loud, powerful and destructive.  This week he helped me make zucchini crusted pizza, zucchini pancakes and zucchini bread and coleslaw.  He named our kitchen restaurant, The Tomato Garden (his favorite restaurant is The Olive Garden).

The Tomato Garden has been busy cooking up the harvest of…..Zucchini  (25 pounds), Beets (8 pounds), Red Onions (1 pound) and Cabbage (one head).

To see amazing harvests from gardens around the world, stop by Daphne’s Dandelions, the host of Harvest Monday.

2 thoughts on “Harvest Monday – July 9th

    1. We are working on using all the zucchini. We gave a few to our local food bank and to friends. I made zucchini pancakes, breads, coleslaw and roll-ups (sliced, breaded and broiled zucchini rolled-up with ricotta cheese mixture then baked in tomato sauce – my Italian mother-in-law’s recipe)

    2. Do you have any recipes to share?

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