Visitors in Our Plot

The garden grew dramatically while we were on vacation.  In less than two weeks we found new veggies and critters in our garden.  There were many overgrown zucchini logs waiting to be picked; about a dozen small butternut squashes growing on traveling vines; thick tomato vines dangling with yellow flowers and green tomatoes; yellow and red beets bursting through the ground; four large healthy cabbage heads stuck in the ground; and several small purple eggplants hanging on leaning stalks. Unfortunately, we found wilted yellow leaves on the spaghetti squash vines. Vine borer larvae were in its stalk. We picked the two medium-sized squashes then pulled out the entire plant. I will wrap the stalks of the zucchini and butternut with aluminum foil to try and prevent the vine borer from laying eggs on their stalks.

I found more critter visitors, too. Squash bugs and their egg clusters, crickets, ladybugs and a large (half-dollar size) black furry spider. When I first walked up to the plot I saw something brown dash out of the pepper patch, then another trembling furry animal under a pepper leaf. I hoped it was not a vole (others have found voles in their community garden plots). I was relieved it was only a baby bunny. At least it was a cute pest!
After it scurried away, I found its lunch – our golden and red beets! We pulled out several nibbled on beets. I wanted to leave the partially eaten beets for the bunnies. But, my husband protested, “we don’t want to attract more bunnies!”  We placed the nibbled beets in the community garden compost bin. I hope the baby bunnies look for their meals in the compost bin, on the other side of the garden fence!

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