Sugar Snap Pea Harvest

Most days at the plot, my son would rather hike in the nearby woods, talk to garden neighbors or play in the water from the garden hose and water pumps.  But even my hot and bored son helped us pick the sugar snap peas.  He munched on the crisp, sweet pods and remarked, “mmmm, they are soooo sweet!”  He may not enjoy gardening as much as my husband and I, but he does enjoy tasting what we grow.  He even tasted a Nasturium flower!

We harvested over 4 pounds of sugar snap peas last Saturday! It is best to pick the sugar snaps when the peas inside start to turn round and before the green pod starts to turn white.  The strings on the “seams” of the pod need to be pulled off before eating.  We like to eat them raw.

Anyone have a good sugar snap pea recipe?

2 thoughts on “Sugar Snap Pea Harvest

  1. Jonna, thank you for stopping by my blog and a post about my needlework and Northern garden. I like the sugar peas too, but mine isn’t ready now.

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