Saturday Garden Work

We worked hard in our garden plot today, installing drip system, fertilizing plants, saving the eggplants, laying down microperforated mulch (looks like black plastic), planting cucumber seeds and picking sugar snap peas.

  • My husband installed the drip system.  He only had to purchase new drip tape and caps. All the other parts we reused from last year’s system.
  • The eggplants needed to be saved because when we arrived at the plot, the row covers were blown off  and the eggplants were freckled with flea beetle bites.  We sprayed them with Pyrethin and gave them a boast with fish emulsion fertilizer.  We only covered half of them with the row covers, since some were already flowering.
  • I fertilized the peppers and tomatoes with Garden Tone.
  • We put down BioTelo (since our community garden does not permit black plastic to be used) around some of the tomato plants and all of the pepper plants.  BioTelo is biodegradable and compostable.  It stops weeds, warms the soil and reduces water evaporation.  Ideally, it should be place on the ground before planting.

The main garden lesson we learned today –  in March, work soybean meal fertilizer into the soil, put down the drip tape and cover it with black plastic or BioTelo.  That allows two months for the soil to warm up and kill off the flea beetles that over winter in the ground.  The ground will be ready in May and June for planting summer crops.

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