Plot Planting Done

We used an organic method to plan our garden plot this year. No sketches or diagrams, just pick and plant. The plot is finally taking shape. It is planted, supported and protected. We worked in 90 degree weather today to plant eggplants and zucchini, stake the tomatoes and peppers and cover the eggplant, zucchini and butternut squash plants with row covers.
Here is what we are growing now:
From left to right in the above picture…
1. First row: Nasturtium flowers (will have edible red flowers), Arctic Poppy flowers (seeds were an anniversary present from my sweetie who knew Poppy flowers are my childhood favorite) and Sugar Snap Peas (growing on trellis).
2. Second row: Tomato patch, Pepper patch, and Beets.
3. Third row: Eggplants (I asked for Eggplants and my sweetie got me over 18 plants, including the following varieties, Neon, Regular large, Finger, and Sicilian Globe) all under row covers to protect from the flea beetles; Zucchini, Red Onion and Butternut Squash (under row covers to protect from the Squash bugs) and more Beets.
Before the planting my enthusiastic hubby did a “grow” dance, arms waving overhead with a cute body wiggle. After the planting, muddy, sweaty, tired we slumped in the air conditioned van and wondered if we should continue with the community garden. Anyway, we are glad the planting is done.

3 thoughts on “Plot Planting Done

  1. What kind of material do you cover your plants with with? I just planted zucchini, and don’t want any squash bugs on them! Thanks!!

  2. You can get row covers from Johnnys Seeds or you can go to a local Ace Hardware product called Harvest Guard. Southern States also should sell them as well.

    The frame is 10 foot sections of 1/2 cpvc pipe (<$2/ea) with the ends pushed into the ground. You want to get the row covers installed before the bugs find your plants otherwise the row cover keeps the bugs on your plants and protected from the predetors.

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