Holding On

It has been difficult to get to our community garden plot this spring.  More responsibilities at work, school, and home pull us away.  But we are determined to hold on to our garden plot and our family gardening hobby.

Yesterday, we arrived at our community garden plot in the late afternoon, just before the heavy rains came.  The dark rain clouds moved closer as we rushed to plant beet seeds and broccoli, eggplant and nasturtium seedings.   The wind blew strong, the rain fell fast and the row covers fluttered and flapped.  My son ran for the van, then on his own initiative returned to help me carry supplies back to the van.  I gathered rocks to help my husband secure our row covers over the broccoli and eggplants and anchor our neighbor’s row cover that almost flew away.

sugar snap peas hold on

It didn’t matter that we got wet.  We felt the simplicity in physical work and nature.  My husband and son pounded the hard clods of dirt to aerate the soil for the plants.  I gently unraveled tendrils on the sugar snap peas and led them toward the trellis.   We felt a storm unfold around us.  We worked together with our hands and helped protect our garden neighbor’s plants.   We completed our garden work and picked a bunch of lettuce.  We slowed down.

Our garden plot holds us so we are not blown away by the frenetic life in Howard Co. Maryland.

One thought on “Holding On

  1. Awesome post! I would love to see more frequent posts 😉

    I love working in the garden. Something totally different from the grind of life and doesn’t require an internet connection!

    Securing the neighbor’s row cover .. thats the community in Community Garden. 😉

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