Inside card reads: "But that is what makes our friendship so great!"

My son worked to mend a friendship today.  I am so proud of him.  I hope you don’t mind that I squeeze his story into my garden-themed blog.  There is a bit of a connection….friendships and gardens both need tending in order to flourish, right?

Restoring a Friendship

Spring break gives my son extra time in the morning to crawl into mommy and daddy’s bed and talk.  This morning his chattering “broke up some hard soil” in his heart.  He talked about missing his school buddies except for one classmate, I will call Sam.   My son said angrily  “Sam is not my friend, he is mean to me, he called me a dummy.”  I was surprised, the two boys got along before.  Next, he spilled out how he accidentally hit Sam in the face with a ball during recess one day.   He blamed Sam, “I tried to catch it, but he got in the way, now he is mean to me.” I listened.  Below the surface, I heard regret and sadness over a broken friendship.  Later, that evening we were at Target looking for a birthday card and my son showed me this card and said, “I want to give this card to Sam.”  At bedtime my son said proudly, “I decided to be a peacemaker.”  His anger towards Sam was gone.  What a lesson to learn at 7 years old!  On the outside of the envelope, he wrote “To Sam, with Happiness.”

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