Our Front Yard

The Spring blossoms are early this year.  Petals are sent into a flurry from a March breeze or a whack of my son’s walking stick.  Our front yard is already sprinkled with white petals from the  Bradford Pear tree blossoms.

The new bulbs we planted last fall are full bright flowers –  Iris Bucharia – 6″ tall yellow and white blooms hide inside spiked green fanning leaves; Tulip Monte Carlo – 6″ tall fluffy yellow double blooms float near the rocks along the sidewalk in front of the steps; and Trumpet Daffodils – 18″ tall ruffled yellow and white blooms wave next to the stairs.

Our dog, CJ, welcomes any new flowers because they may bring bees.  He has a passion for catching bees.   With cat-like reflexes and strong jaws, he will pounce and snap at flitting bees, totally focused.  Even the chance for a long awaited walk on the leash won’t break him away from his bee-catching obsession.  Flowers bring joy to us all!

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