An Indoor Nature Birthday Party

Last weekend we had a birthday party for the ever growing sprout in our garden plot – my seven year old son. These days, most kids have their birthday parties outside the home at facilities like JumpZone and PumpItUp. Those places are fun, but expensive so we decided to be adventurous and have a nature party in our home. The kids made bird feeders, searched for animal tracks, threw snowballs inside our house and found their own chirping bird to bring home.

Pinecone Bird Feeder
Moose, Polar Bear, Duck, Dog, Wolf and more...
birds in paper origami nests

They made the bird feeders by spreading a mixture of vegetable shortening, cornmeal and oatmeal onto a pine cone, then rolling the coated pine cone in safflower seeds. Before the party we tied string around the top of the pine cones.  After each child finished their feeder, we wrapped it in saran wrap and placed it in their goodie bag.  After the bird feeder activity, the kids guessed how many gummies were in the jars…one for gummy worms and one for gummy bears.

Next, they all searched for animal tracks scattered throughout the house. Each child had a list of the 15 animals who left their tracks in our house, along with stickers to place next to the animal’s name after they found its tracks. The kids had fun scurrying up and down the stairs hunting.  The most difficult tracks to find were the bird tracks since I had placed some of them on a shelf (birds can fly, you know).

My husband led the kids in snowball throwing games in the basement while I prepared the kitchen table upstairs for the pizza and cupcakes. I was not worried, the snowballs were soft pom poms I made with white yarn (I made 20). They held up well, only a few white yarn strands fell onto the carpet.

The party concluded with each child finding their own chirping bird in a paper nest (an origami box).    The kids were thrilled to bring home their own bird.  All the birds were local varieties they may see come to their feeders.

My son enjoyed his day with his friends and all the activities. He felt a bit like a king. “Wait! I need my crown!” he shouted, just before the cupcakes, candles and the happy birthday song.

I’d love to hear your in-home kid birthday party ideas.

4 thoughts on “An Indoor Nature Birthday Party

  1. Hey, what a great party idea! I think kids appreciate themed parties like that now because most parties are out at the fun places like you said. I must admit, with my kids I mostly took the easy (but expensive!) option of the out-of-the home party, but for my son’s 7th we did a breakfast party, like this…

    Saturday morning 9am-11am, told the kids to come dressed in their PJs. We served the food as the first thing (and told them that on the invitation so that they wouldn’t have breakfast first) where we served pancakes, waffles, muffins, fruit, mini boxes of cereal, sausages with juice boxes or milk to drink. Then the games and activities were all breakfast type themed – threading cheerios onto candy laces, decorating fridge magnets, egg and spoon race, hunt the mini raisin box (enough raisin boxes for one each per child and each one had a number stuck on – they then had another hunt to find the small prize that carried the same number). Plus we had some breakfast word searches and coloring pictures for them to do in between activities. The kids all had a great time, and I loved that it was all finished and tidied up by lunch time so that we could relax for the rest of the day!

    1. How creative to do a breakfast birthday party! My son would love it since he devours pancakes and waffles whenever I have time to make them.

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