Seed Catalogs and Snow

Some seed catalogs have already started to come in the mail…… Johnny’s Seed Company and Territorila Seed Company. January is the time to start planning for the spring garden, but I have only glanced through the catalogs because something is missing…snow in our garden plot!

This week there was a light snow fall as I picked up my son from school. I sat in the car pool line watching the kids turn their faces to the sky with mouths wide open. Faces of joy, standing still, waiting for the cold, soft flakes to drop onto their tongues. Powdered sugar falling from the sky. The flakes tickled my son’s eye lashes and he laughed. He shouted, “Look Mama! A blizzard!” Snow creates a dreamland. We only had a dusting, not enough to dream of our spring and summer garden. I am waiting to be snowed-in with my family and our seed catalogs!

Last year's snow

One thought on “Seed Catalogs and Snow

  1. Its just not the same to look over seed catalogs when its 50 degrees outside. They are a lot more fun and interesting when there is a foot of snow on the ground.

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