After Thanksgiving, I filled a ceramic bowl with rocks and three paperwhite flower bulbs.  Since rocks do not retain water like soil, the bulbs needed to be watered often. In about a week, green shoots pierced through the brown bulbs and grew straight up.  A week before Christmas, there were green buds atop tall green stalks.  As the buds opened, they looked like small unzipped purses filled with tissue.  By Christmas, small clusters of white flowers waved above the rocks and bulbs.
Their pleasant fragrance quickly turned pungent in our small kitchen.  The scent became less intense after I cut the flowers and placed them in a vase of water.  I plan to grow more flowering bulbs in rocks throughout the winter.

Bulbs – packed with potential, given a little warmth, water and time, their true beauty revealed.

May the New Year 2012, be filled with warmth, refreshment and all that inspires you to grow!

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