Harvest Monday – November 28


We were delighted to see the broccoli we planted in late summer finally growing crowns of broccoli florets. My first broccoli harvest! After I cut off four broccoli bunches, my son stopped my harvesting. “Let’s do an experiment and see if the florets really turn into tiny flowers”, he said. For science, I left a few of the small bunches on the stalk.

arugula and red and green leaf lettuce

We also harvested lettuce, arugula, radishes, beets and turnips (4.5 pounds) from our garden plot this week. The brussel sprouts are not ready to harvest. We planted them late. We may not get a mature sprout. Anyway, I am thankful my family likes salads and our garden plot is still producing!

To see other gardener’s harvests visit Daphnes Dandelions blog.

One thought on “Harvest Monday – November 28

  1. Awesome photos and beautiful broccoli!

    I would love to see the flower produced by the broccoli. Mmmm…. wondering if his experiment is so he does not have to eat so much broccoli??

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