Making Apple Sauce

Last weekend we went to an apple farm in Biglersville, PA. It was apple heaven.   There were over 20 large bins at least 3 feet tall on pallets filled with many varieties of apples.  We only paid $10 for 2 overstuffed plastic grocery bags of apples (about  50 pounds of apples).   The Courtland and Golden Delicious apples were recommended for making applesauce so we filled one bag with only those two varieties.  We filled the other bag with Fuji, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Rome and Jonagold.

We canned 8 and 1/2 quarts of sugar-free homemade applesauce this week!   Our Kitchen Aid Fruit and Vegetable Strainer practically made the applesauce for us.  We cut the apples into chunks and cooked them in a 12 quart pot without removing the skin or seeds.   Once the apples were cooked down into a soft mush we strained them through our Kitchenaid Strainer and poof… applesauce without any skin or seeds! We still have lots of apples left for baking, snacking and making caramel candy apples on a stick.

My son reminded me that apples have a star inside.  He asked, “Mommy, which way do you cut an apple to get the star?”  Horizontally.  While I chopped the apples, my son learned the meaning of horizontal and vertical and I marveled at God’s beautiful design work.  Apples are an autumn star.

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