New Crop of Peppers

new crop of green cherry bomb peppers

Pepper plants thrive in the cool moist fall weather.  Our potted Jalapeno and Cherry Bomb pepper plants on our deck are loaded with new peppers.  A few Bell and Habanero pepper plants at our community garden plot are still producing fruit, too.

stuffed cherry bomb peppers

The Jalapeno and Cherry Bomb peppers are perfect for spicy mouth popping appetizers. They are not too hot when the seeds and membranes are cut out. Actually, some of the jalapenos were quite mild. I wore rubber gloves and cut out off the pepper tops and sliced out the seed membranes (the white part holding the seeds). Then I stuffed the peppers with of mixture of sausage, cheese, beaten egg and bread crumbs. I cooked them for 15 minutes at 400 degrees fahrenheit. My husband and guests enjoyed them with homemade pizza. Our eyes watered a bit, but no one said they were “too hot.”

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