Our Growing Boy

our growing boy

The most prolific and dazzling grower in our garden plot is not a vegetable, fruit or flower, but our son. I see all kinds of fruit growing from him.

Recently, he dropped a melon of peace while he set the table for dinner.  On one napkin he wrote a note to daddy.  Earlier that morning he had yelled at daddy  and argued with him  about getting ready for school.   Before dinner, daddy read the words written on the outside of his napkin, “to dad a note.”  Then he opened it and read,  “Dad am srre for being mene to you.”   He wrote an apology!

Fruit that is not picked, but falls off on its own initiative is the sweetest!

2 thoughts on “Our Growing Boy

  1. I read your blog today at your moms house It was great I got teary eyed Keep up the good and God work The boy garden is GROWING Aunt Kathy

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