Leaf Painting

spraying watercolor paint
Welcome to the first day of Autumn. Leaves will soon drift to the ground. Shapes and bright colors will be at our feet.

Here is a leaf painting project I did with my son, mom and aunt. We gathered leaves, placed them on watercolor paper (for leaves to stay flat on the paper it is best to first press them in a thick book). We filled small spray bottles with watercolor paint mixed with water. We lightly sprayed the diluted paint around a single leaf or leaves.

leaf painting
We held the bottle at least 6 inches from the paper to achieve a paint mist around the leaf. We blotted any paint puddles with a paper towel. We gently lifted the leaf off the paper. Voila! My son created his first leaf painting.

Later, my son wandered from the project plan and painted, with a paintbrush, the blank areas of the leaf stencil bright red. He turned his leaf into a bold Autumn leaf!

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