The Flooding Rain

rope holding up Rose of Sharon

In the last 48 hours we had over 8 inches of rain fall in our area! There are major roads flooded, old stone walls in historical areas toppled by rushing water, trees uprooted and rivers rising over bridges. Our hearts go out those who suffered loss from the flooding rain.

The rain impacted our garden a little. Our Rose of Sharon bush almost toppled to the ground. I wrestled it to an upright position, wrapped rope around it and tied it to our deck post this morning. We have not been to our community garden plot since all the rain, but the seeds we planted on Monday are probably all washed away. I am glad my broccoli and brussel sprout plants are protected with row covers. The fragile lettuce seedlings in our salad table were smashed by all the rain so I propped an umbrella over them and they perked up. Our potted lemon tree prefers hot, dry weather so I brought it into the house. Now, the tree’s branches droop less from the eleven golf ball size green lemons on it.

I hope it stops raining soon.

One thought on “The Flooding Rain

  1. The rain and flooding were unbelievable! Uprighting the Rose of Sharon with the rope and protecting the salad table with the umbrella were execellent ideas!

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