Harvest Monday – August 15th

The tomatoes were the star of our garden this week. Despite several rain storms, we picked 97 pounds of tomatoes this week! On Saturday, our plum tomato plants dripped loads of bright red fruit so I continued to pick as the sky darkened and dumped a heavy rain.  My six year old son watched from the car in amazement as his soggy mommy stomped barefoot through puddles and wet spongy grass carrying bags of tomatoes.  After the harvest, my son and I splashed our bare feet in the little waterfalls flowing around the trees and down the hills in the parking lot of our community garden. Harvesting in a summer rain can be fun.

My son's contribution to the tomato harvest

Here are our harvest totals for this week:

Plum and Beefsteak Tomatoes combined
70 pounds

Cherry Tomatoes
27 pounds

Eggplant  5.25 pounds

Peppers  5.0 pounds

Cucumbers  6 pounds

Sweet potato leaves  3 bags

21 Quarts of Tomatoes

Preserved the following produce this week:

21 Quarts of tomatoes
3 Quarts of pickled cucumbers
froze bags of bell and cubanelle peppers, oven-dried cherry tomatoes, and cooked sweet potato leaves

To see amazing harvests from gardens around the world, stop by Daphne’s Dandelions, the host of Harvest Monday.

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