Zucchini Tribute

Our zucchini plants produced over 22 pounds of zucchini!   We could not pick them fast enough so some zucchini grew into a size worthy of the county fair.  My kitchen counters were covered with green logs a few weeks ago.  I chopped and my son shredded (using the food processor) until we filled over 15  cups with zucchini meat.  Here is our zucchini resume…

  • Traditional zucchini bread
  • Oatmeal cookies containing shredded zucchini (squeezed dry).
  • Appetizers of breaded then broiled zucchini slices (can be used in Lasagna in place of noodles).
  • Pasta with sauted zucchini, tomatoes, garlic and onion.
  • Pizza with a crust made from shredded zucchini, eggs, flour, olive oil and cheese.  My son’s culinary review, “It does not look like pizza, but it tastes like pizza.  It is yummy!”

    pizza with a zucchini crust

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our zucchini plants this week.   I found a squash vine borer larva inside the stem of one of our plants.  Moist sawdust-like debris around each stem and wilted leaves were signs of this devastating pest.  I cut open one stem and found the larva.  Sometimes the plant can be saved by digging out the larva and covering the stem with dirt.  Our plants had too much damage to be saved.  But our zucchini legacy will continue despite the vine borers……there is more shredded zucchini frozen in a bag inside our freezer!

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