Sweet Potato Leaves

our sweet potato vine explosion

We discovered greens that grow well in hot weather – sweet potato leaves (also called sweet potato tops).  A Chinese gardener from our community garden told us that sweet potato leaves are edible.  They are rich in vitamins A, C, and B2 (Riboflavin).

cooked sweet potato leaves

We have an abundance of sweet potato leaves growing in our community garden plot!  The leafy vines are taking over our leek bed and walking path so I picked a couple bagfuls for my cooking experiments.

1.  I sauted the leaves in olive oil with shallots then simmered them in chicken stock.  I served the cooked leaves with quinoa.   It was yummy.

2.  I sauted  the leaves  in vegetable oil with chopped ginger, then simmered the leaves in chicken stock. I served it as a side dish.  It tasted delicious.

I discovered that  sweet potato tops are strong and hearty, will hold up to cooking, are similar to spinach and have a mild, non-bitter taste.

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