It’s an Assassin Bug. A Good Bug!

Assassin bug nymph in our garden plot

My son shouted, “It’s a Stink bug! I am going to smash it!”

“Wait! Let mama look at it, it might be a good bug,” said my husband.

For a gardener, my husband has an unhealthy aversion to bugs. He lets me make the good bug or bad bug call.   I put down my shovel to look at the bug.  My son pointed to a leaf on the sunflower plant growing out of our compost bin and declared, “There it is!”

The insect had a colorful body and long antennae.  It did not look like a Stink bug.  Its legs were too long and graceful.  It scuttled so fast around the leaves that I barely caught its image in my camera.   We let it be.  The next day,  I sent its photo to the Home and Garden Center at the Maryland Agricultural Extension. Within a few hours, I received the bug’s identity.   It is an Assassin bug nymph!

We are thrilled to have such a voracious predator in our garden plot.  This bug will help rid our garden of: aphids, Colorado potato beetles, cucumber beetles, Japanese beetles, Mexican bean beetles, tomato hornworms and many more pests.  I am glad we did not squash it!

7 thoughts on “It’s an Assassin Bug. A Good Bug!

  1. Seen these bugs since all my life and didn’t know what they were. Was picking grapes a few days back and one got between my fingers and it felt like fire. The bug was holding on stabbing me and I couldn’t shake it off. I will be more careful from now on.

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