Our First Snow Sugar Peas

snow sugar pea - delicious, sweet, crispy and a little juicy

The best reward of gardening is to see our six-year-old son look for vegetables to eat in our garden plot.  My son will not hesitate to taste anything grown in our garden.   He likes most of our spring crops this year.  He munches on leaves of Romaine and Oakleaf lettuce while we dig, weed and plant. The snow sugar peas are his favorite.  It’s remarkable that he stopped whacking sticks in the dirt to examine the snow sugar pea plant with me.  I showed him how the snow pea plant’s tendrils twist, grab and help the plant climb up the trellis.   Together, we found the first plump snow pea pods ready to be picked (plump pea pod to be picked – that is a tongue twister !).  Now, independently, he will pick one dangling pod, spray it with water from the hose and crunch it in his mouth.  Once, after he bit a pod, I heard him say, “mmmmm, they are sweet, too.”

We will plant snow sugar peas again next spring!

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