Snail in Our Spinach Bed

snail in our spinach bed

I found a snail and a slug in our spinach bed yesterday. My son was thrilled to play with these two critters while my husband and I worked in the plot. He made them a little home of sticks, rocks and leaves. I heard him say, “I cracked snaily’s shell by accident!” My heart sank. He was upset at first, but our new hose attachment distracted him. Later, I learned how damaging snails can be to newly planted seedlings. “Snaily” had to go. We just transplanted our tomato, peppers and eggplant seedlings to our garden plot!

Here are a few facts about snails from the Good Bug Bad Bug book. Snails attack young seedlings, lettuce, ripening strawberries, tomatoes and peppers. They will not eat plants with fragrant foliage or fuzzy leaves. To prevent snails and slugs in your garden….keep it clear of garden debris where they can hide and eat decaying plant matter, water garden in the morning to allow foliage to dry before night fall, and remove snails by hand and place them in a jar of soapy water. To protect seedlings from slugs, place pieces of window screening around seedling base (snails detest rough surfaces). Ducks, moles, shrews, garter snakes, frogs, toads and turtles eat snails.

This is the first time we’ve noticed a snail in our garden plot. Did all the recent rain make our plot more attractive to snails? Have you seen snails in your garden?

3 thoughts on “Snail in Our Spinach Bed

  1. “Snaily” definitely had to go! Snails are very damaging to a garden. I never knew about the window screen idea which sounds pretty neat. I remember hearing about leaving little bowls of beer out but no mention of leaving little bowls of pretzels to go with the beer. Love the picture.

  2. Oh my! My garden is completely instead with snails… Both shelled and tiger. I’ve been good to themnlast year but this year I planted from seed and more tender veggies and all of my seedlings have been eaten! It’s very disheartening…. We have had over a week of almost constant rain with yesterday the first sunny day in a while. I came out to my yard 3 days ago to find most of my plants chewed up. today i’m researching how to control them. i knew to clear as much mulch and debris away but the rain beat me out. anyways…. today is slug trap day. I hate to kill them but they really are too much! good luck with your sweet potatoes, I should be receiving my slips any day now! so excited to grow them!

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