Sweet Potato Planting

one sweet potato slip

Last week I planted 12 sweet potato slips.  They look straggly now, but just wait, they will produce a hearty vine and a hidden treasure of potatoes.  Last year we planted 2 slips and dug up about 50 pounds of rugged sweet potatoes (bright orange and creamy when cooked) at harvest time.   Once the vines start growing, we will surround them with a low border fencing to prevent them from spreading into our other vegetable beds or community garden walking paths.  This year we planted the slips in a corner that is not adjacent to a neighbor’s plot.  These plants can get a bit too gregarious!  I marked each slip with a rock because it will help us find where to begin digging at harvest when there is a sea of vines.  I have high hopes for these slips.  If all twelve of these newly planted slips take off and produce we could have 300 pounds of sweet potatoes!

our sweet potato patch

(We may have more….I noticed sweet potato vines growing in last year’s sweet potato bed.  I wish I did not have to pull out these unexpected guests, but they will take over our tomato and pepper patch if I don’t).

Do you have any sweet potato recipes to share with me?

3 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Planting

  1. Wonderful post! Not only are sweet potatos gregarious but they are very outgoing and adventurous! They like wander off and meet the neighbors.

  2. What are sweet potato slips? Did you just plant as seeds? Or how? I’d love to put some in my garden. How much space do you need? Thanks Jonna!

  3. i ordered 12 Vardiman today as they are of the ‘bush variety’ – take less space/need less room to run. i was told to plant them 12 inches apart as if you plant them further apart the tubers will grow too large and one will have too few sweet taters. what have you found to be an ideal soil/environment?


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