A Flower Quiz and Haiku

April flowers in our gardens

Can you name the April flowers (one is not a flower) blooming in our gardens?

You will find the answers below my April Flowers Haiku.

Tissue paper shapes.

Colors unfold from cold earth,

fragile, hardy hope.

Answers: (left to right, top: pansy, double blooming daffodil, strawberry blossom, hyacinth, tulip; middle:  miniature iris, azalea; bottom: alba reptans ground cover, sweet woodruff,  African violet,  vinca ground cover and royal fern)

3 thoughts on “A Flower Quiz and Haiku

  1. I love the pics but flunked the flower quiz (“Pretty Flower” and “Big Flower” didn’t cut it). Loved the haiku … made me think how the cold earth yields bright colors and hope.

  2. Love the haiku 🙂 Your double booming daffodil looks like ‘Tahiti’ — so pretty 🙂 I had a couple of those this year, too –by surprise. I did not remember purchasing them, so when they came up double I was amazed. Would love to have more of them! Happy Spring. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  3. A lovely post. I’m always enchanted by the unfurling of the ferns. Thank you for the visit, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the Spring/Winter pics. Those robins seem to thrive in the snow.

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