Our Hyacinths Give a Fragrant Welcome


Blue, peach, white and purple hyacinths are in full bloom again under our Bradford Pear tree in the front yard.   They give a fragrant greeting to everyone who comes to our home.  The hardy clusters of waxy star-like flowers stay through April.  Even their long green leaves brighten up our lawn-free front yard in May, after the hyacinth flower is gone and before the ground covers spread.  I don’t clip the green leaves until they turn brown because the leaves absorb the sunlight, giving the underground hyacinth bulbs nourishing sunshine to store up for next years’ flowers.   Hyacinth bulbs typically only bloom for a couple of seasons then need to be replaced.  This is our hyacinths’ fourth spring season!

2 thoughts on “Our Hyacinths Give a Fragrant Welcome

  1. Beautiful flower! Love the blue (dare I say periwinkle?) color!

    Thank you for posting! I was missing your delightful posts.

  2. I eagerly look forward to your posting.When I read it, it brightens up my day. Keep them coming. Margie Klein

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