Our Spring and Summer Garden Diagram for 2011

our 2011 garden plot for spring and summer

This is the 2011 spring and summer plan for our community garden plot. We planted the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants indoors last weekend. We are waiting for the seedlings to emerge soon. The leeks, shallots and herbs were planted several weeks ago and are now sturdy seedlings. The leeks and shallots look like tall thin blades of grass and will soon touch the grow lights. They tower over the other seedlings and need to be planted in our garden soon. Spinach, green leaf lettuce, turnips and garlic are currently growing in our garden plot. We planted seeds of Romaine, Oakleaf Lettuce and Snow Peas directly in our garden plot last weekend. The sweet potato plant slips will be coming from Johnny’s Seed Company in late spring. We hope to get a drip system installed by June.   We harvested some spinach and turnips.  The turnips are especially sweet after being roasted.  We are eager to get more plants growing in our garden plot!

3 thoughts on “Our Spring and Summer Garden Diagram for 2011

  1. What a great garden! What are sweet potato slips? I’d love to plant some sweet potatoes. Is now the right time?

    1. The sweet potato slips are the sweet potato starter plants that we order from a seed company. About one third of it is planted underground. Here in Maryland we plant the sweet potatoes in the summer (June) and harvest in the late summer to early fall. Last year we planted only 4 slips and had over 40 pounds of sweet potatoes!

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