Ornamental Grass Blooming

even grass is in bloom!

Our front yard clean up began a few days ago. It is thrilling to trim off the brown foliage and find little buds sitting on branches and green shoots pushing through the dirt. In my enthusiasm, I started to clip a small ornamental grass before I saw brown conical buds on top of new green stems between the blades of grass. Despite clipping a few of the buds, the small mound of grass still exploded with fluffy blossoms a few days later.

our grass firework

I planted this tuft of ornamental grass several years ago and I do not remember its name. I can not recall it blooming in the past. My husband says it looks like a firework. Nevertheless, this year it joined the rank of early spring bloomer, along with the mini purple Irises, Crocuses and Hyacinths in our front yard.

Does anyone know the name for this cheerful ornamental grass?

3 thoughts on “Ornamental Grass Blooming

  1. They look tropical in the above photo. I bet Aunt S. would know their name. Remember her grasses in her yard in New Market?

    1. Good idea. I will ask Aunt S. I bet her garden is on the verge of blossom popping, especially our great grandmother’s Irises!

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