Turnips and Spinach

We visited our community garden plot at Howard County Conservancy yesterday. We found some treasures in the soft thawed soil.

our winter spinach

one of our many winter turnips
Turnips and spinach are growing under our row covers. Our first experiment of over-wintering our late fall crops worked!  Last fall, I planted lettuce, turnips and spinach seeds a bit late.  We did not have a good fall harvest of these crops.  In November, I covered the growing crops with row covers.   What a thrill to peel back the row covers yesterday to find green turnip tops and purple and white turnip roots, tender dark green spinach leaves and curly bright green lettuce sprouts.  I even pulled weeds out of the spinach bed.  Row covers are good winter blankets for the garden!

8 thoughts on “Turnips and Spinach

  1. Yum! The start of a successful harvest! I’m looking forward to the start of my CSA deliveries! I have a very small vegetable garden because my yard is mostly shady. But the CSA supplies all the veggies we need from April through November. Enjoy your new/overwintered crops!

    1. The spinach is tender and crisp so we ate it raw. We only pulled a couple of the turnips. We are waiting for them to grow a bit larger. I sliced the turnips and added them to a white bean soup.

  2. Great harvests!
    I believe you’ve realized how effective row covers are for over-winter vegetables.
    I think the temperature in your place is still cold so you will rely on the covers but today I removed my vinyl covers due to too hot air inside the covers and replaced with insect screens which air can pass through.

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